Náo was an instrument used in ritual ceremonies in the primitive society, which was a symbol of power and was made of pottery clay. The oldes Nao we can see as the picture below today is over 4,000 years old, which was excavated in 1955 in Shaanxi Province.


Nao was popular in Shang Dynasty and mostly used in the army. In Shang Dynasty it was made of bronze, it looked like an upside down bell. A wooden handle could be affixed on it or people can strike it on the opening


There were big Naos and chime Naos as well. A set of five was excavated from Fuhao Tomb at Yin Ruins, which can give 5 notes of solladofasol in C. The picture below presents this set of five:






 However, Nao was stopped to be used since Liao Dyansty (907-1125).