Chapter II The market for modern and contemperory calligraphers works
1.   Luo Zhenyu (in Chinese that reads Luó Zhènyù 1866-1940): his rate of transaction raised from 57.14% in 2000 to 100% in 2004.
2.   Ding Fuzhi (֮in Chinese that reads Dng Fzh 1879-1949): his rate of transaction was 60% in 1996, 77.78% in 1998, 50% in 2000, 100% in 2002 and 91.67% in 2004.
3.   Ding Foyan (in Chinese that reads Dng Fóyán 1878-1931): the highest price was RMB 34,100 in 2004 and the lowest was RMB 3,300 in 2002.
4.   Feng Zikai (in Chinese that reads Féng Zki 1898-1975): the amount of transaction has been raising from RMB 1.18 million in 2001 to RMB 3.7766 million in 2004.
5.   Ye Gongchuo (Ҷin Chinese that reads Yè Gngchu 1881-1968): the highest was sold at Hong Kong Christie’s at HK $ 152,750.00; the average of a piece of his work is around RMB 8,000.
6.   Qi Gong (in Chinese that reads Q Gng 1912-2005): his rate of transaction has been very high, a scroll was sold at RMB 330,000 in 2000, in the decade from 1995-2004 477 works out of 595 that were on the auction were sold.
7.   Guo Moruo (ĭin Chinese that reads Guó Mòruò 1892-1978): His works have been chased after by collectors, the amount of transaction in 2000 was RMB 443,300, RMB 566,500 in 2001, RMB 528,000 in 2002, RMB 1.63 million in 2003 and RMB 1.3 million in 2004.
8.   Deng Sanmu (ɢľin Chinese that reads Dèng Snmù 1898-1963): on an average, his works were sold at RMB 5,000 to 10,000. Works in his late years are more valuable.
9.   Zhang Mu (in Chinese that reads Zhng Mù 1808-1849): price range of his works is between RMB 10,000-40,000.
10. Weng Tonghe (ͬin Chinese that reads Wéng Tóngh 1830-1904): his price range is between RMB 10,000-30,000.
11. Huang Shiling (ʿin Chinese that reads Huáng Shìlíng 1849-1908): the price of transaction varied from RMB 5,000 to 50,000.
12. Lin Sanzhi (ɢ֮in Chinese that reads Lín Snzh 1898-1989):the highest amount of transaction was RMB 99,000 in 2001 for his cursive work.
13. Yu Shaosong (in Chinese that reads Yú Shàosòng 1883-1949): his works were sold at around RMB 30,000.
14. Gao Ershi (߶in Chinese that reads Gáo èrshì 1903-1977): the range of transaction was between rMB 10,000-40,000.
15. Yuan Kewen (Ԭin Chinese that reads Yun Kèwn 1889-1931): the transaction price of his works has been above RMB 15,000 since 2003.
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