a percussion instrument sounded by striking a membrane stretched across the opening of a hollow cylinder or hemisphere. Aside from being a musical instrument, it was also used to pass on information in the ancient times in many civilizations. It was used as one of the utensils in sacrificial services. In Zhou Dynasty in China, drum was classified as the first among eight kinds of instruments.

A Porcelain Drum with Black Glaze of Song Dynasty

Pottery drum might be the earliest ones. Waist drum became popular

as from the 4th century in forms of local dances and operas. Big drum has

been used in all kinds of celebrations, festivals and by bands. It should be noted that there are numerous kinds of drums

in China. There are also   folklores accompanied by drums such as “Jingyun Drum Singing”(a drum ballard in Beijing

Dialect), “Luoting Drum Singing” and “Shandong Drum Singing”.

Luo Yusheng presents “Jingyun Drum Singing”